Help needed- research on soldiers experiences

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by mouti, Nov 12, 2008.

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  1. Hi there,

    I am a researcher doing some study into the difficulties faced by some soldiers who experience combat and difficulties at the front. I am an independent researcher who is hoping to write a fiction piece about the bravery of people in the face of such hardships.

    I would be specifically interested to speak with people who have had emotional difficulties because of the violence they have seen.

    If anyone is willing to answer a couple of questions or knows anyone that might be, please contact me.


    David, UK.
    d_alamouti @
  2. I can answer that.

    I once saw the Worm steal my wine.

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    Any more questions?
  3. play nice sluggy, he's only trying to do a job.
  4. Your interests may well be genuine but you need to seek permission first, having exposed your credentials, to any one of the site moderators. Without that your buggered, unless you like negative banter.
  5. What job is that then? Who does he work for? A 'fictional piece', where will it be published?
  6. Why not post the questions here David? That way, we could see how well you had "researched" your subject - or, is this it?

    If it's a fictional piece, just use your imagination and think creatively, genuine input here, will only let the truth get in the way of what is certain to be a best-seller. Any reason apart from the money, that you're interested in this?

    Many here can confirm that Sluggy is emotionally disturbed.
  7. Only because she doesn't love you anymore :twisted:
  8. Cheers for that Holdfast - next time I confide in you, remind me not to. :D
  9. As noted above, can you please confirm your request with one of the COs?

    You'll note that the standard response here will be flippant until such times as either GoodCO or BadCO have confirmed.
  10. Aren't we all?
  11. I'm not - nobody in the office today so I'm drinking coffee, reading through arrse and playing Spider Solitaire with 4 packs of cards 8)
  12. Me too! oh, and playing with my new watch from RVOps....many thanks to them for that :)
  13. I'm always well suspicious about posts like that. My spidey sense is tingling.
  14. I iz also well suspicious, innit bruv.
  15. Gertcha