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I am trying to recall the name of those fearsome items used to heat water in large bins on operational tours. They were called something like 'Billy boilers'; big chimney-like things sticking out of dustbins of water. In Kosovo I remember the BQMS's storeman lighting the damned things each morning, and waking the whole Battery with a heavy 'WHUMMPH!' when he got it wrong. By the end of the tour he had no hair or eyebrows left.

I am in the middle of writing a second novel about a fictional regiment. Although the novel is farce/black humour, I still need to be as accurate as possible. I'd be most grateful if someone could let me have some details about this item, in particular how they work and how you get them to go bang!

Many thanks, in anticipation

The 65th
Wasn`t it something like burco boiler. Powered by petrol and the only safe way to light one was at a suitable distance with a stick.
We had a situation in the Gulf 1 where someone filled one with fuel instead of water and when the journalist lit it - well he needed treatment for flash burns.
Gave us a good laugh, well done journo, as he sat around waiting for transport to the rear.
Sure you could make that sound better and stick it in a book.

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