help needed REME VM

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by macclad1988, Oct 30, 2009.

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  1. hi guys, just passed selection to become a reme VM.

    can anyone tell me where i could be based after i finish trade training, as i cant find any info.
  2. In short............. Just about anywhere.
  3. most likley germany
  4. Not necessarily, he will be posted to were a vacancy exists for a Cl 3 VM, it could be UK or Germany.
  5. if i got posted to germany, would this be a 6 month tour?
  6. Are you real. This just has to be a wah................

    I can't believe that anyone would join up with so little understanding of what was to come. Well not someone intelligent enough to get into the REME.
  7. It makes me laugh how people are getting accepted into the army with so little knowledge who obviously haven't bothered researching what they are actually applying for. I researched sh1t loads from the army as a whole right down to the origins of my chosen reg, where all the btn's are based etc, etc, firstly so that i knew exactly what i was getting into and secondly so that in the appllication/selection process it would show that i had put in the effort to increase my knowledge.
  8. Are you joking? This has to be a wah..
    Like Wannabe-Rifleman, I researched more than I needed to, so the knowledge was always there should I need it. Go do some reading up for yourself!
  9. look guys.. no need to be arrseholes is there... im asking for help not critisism...

    ive passed selection like all you guys, im fit and not stupid, in fact i most likely have more qualifications than you.

    so instead of just giving out abuse, try responding to my post, and help me out....

    if i wanted abuse i would have asked for it.
  10. I don't think the posters on here are being arrseholes macclad.

    Confused maybe, as you have already asked for info on this site about you becoming an Engineer, an RLC driver and now you are to become a Vehicle Mech (In my beloved Corp)

    REME are attached to pretty much every unit in the British Army and are posted all over the world, but mainly Germany and the UK and a posting is usually between 2 and 3 years

    You will also no doubt go on an operational tour and these are probably the 6 month postings of which you speak.

    I would have thought that you would have spent some time researching this stuff though, as well as having some total commitment to your chosen trade and cap badge.

    Good luck what ever you do though lad.
  11. I didn't pass selection, I crawled out of a slimy puddle with the rest of my section so that our drill sergeant could mould us in to something resembling early Neanderthals thereby giving him something to rip the arms off and beat us to death with the soggy ends when he needed some stress management therapy. That's what he told us any way, and since he held our destiny in his hands I had no reason not to believe him, and he was a god in ammo boots anyway.

    Nice attitude, sets you aside for special treatment :wink:

    You want abuse really, you're just to shy to ask for it :lol:

    I notice you refer to your self with a small 'i', you clearly have a good idea of your worth, and obviously one of your qualifications wasn't grammer :lol:
  12. First of all, its unlikley that You have more qualifications than them as Your grammar is terrible. Secondly, to answer Your question You will get a PPP and if You go to Germany it will most likley be 2 Years.
  13. Here, here.
  14. Its Corps not corp Arte_et_Marte !!! :D
  15. Well spoted.