Help Needed regarding Maternity pay.


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Hi, a situation has just arised upon which I need some advice. My partner (were not married) recently started her maternity leave, she gave birth 2 days ago. Today she received a phone call , this phone call was to explain to her that from 1st April she will only be receiving £117 a week. This is before her Tax, NI, House, etc comes out. Now the reason behind this is because of time served. She has done 1.75 years, but she got out for 3 months and then re-signed. Now this pay to me seems ridiculous, she will not have the money to live on. If anyone can help me in this field could they please contact me.

Many Thanks
I'm guessing the 3 months she got out for was in the last year. If it is she will only be entitled to £117 per week as to qualify for 6 months at full pay she would have had to serve a year continuous service before she went on maternity leave. Depending on her circumstances she may be able to claim some state benefits.

I am not an expert on matenity pay but i have a few friends that are either on maternity leave or about to go on it. They have all been told that you get payed for 9 months - 6months full pay and the next 3months half pay
After the 9 months it is nothing till you return to work.
It shouldnt matter on how long she has been serving for as my mates have only been in around 2 years and they have been told the above.
I would speak to your unit HR or Welfare and see if you get any answers
All the best with your baby

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