Help Needed ref Rolling Replens



Hi, first time posting here but i've been watching for a while now.

I have been instructed to prepare a 20 min lecture on rolling replens. I have asked around, gone through pams and such and am stumped!!

Is there antwhere online or does any body here have info on the subject?

Any help is appreciated

Thank you
Speak to your sqms, he should be the font of all knowledge.

As for passing the SOP for rolling replens on the web,,,don't think that's a wise idea my friend.
I will try to get you some information from our SOPs for replen. when do u need it for?
I Have found the same problems with keypoint defence lectures . after a few of them i now seem to be the font of all kbnowlage for them but dont have a clue my self ......... i guess confidece wins the day again
You should be able to find the info that you require ref rolling replens in your Unit SOP's, either Sqn or Regt as most units will have there own slight variations, sounds like yor SQMS doesn't know himself, or can't be arrsed to help.

Try your unit training wing, or find a copy of your unit SOPs with the clerks.
loggie_stab_recruit said:
Like it's top secret? I didn't want it published on the web, I am after a link or a PM. Spoke to my SQMS and the only help I got was "you have got 1 week, get it sorted"
Well, you can't find any info.... so don't bother trying to join the !nt Corp :wink:

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