help needed ref batus wildlife

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by loyalbro, May 22, 2010.

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  1. i have a presentation to give on the animals on the prairie and their health implications, i have been searching the web for 2 days to no avail all i need is a site with a list of animals at batus, i can do the rest myself,

    i know there are gophers, rattlesnakes , i also believe there are certain spiders and dangerous mice droppings i beathed in.

    i believe there is a brief given on arrival of the animals and their dangers but i need to give this on monday before we go

    any help much appreciated......
  2. Quite a lot of Mule ear deer running around
  3. msr

    msr LE

    There is, so why do you have to deliver a briefing?

  4. Rather strange, an excellent briefing is given at Batus, as has been said. Tell them that the dangers are ever present and not to cuddle snakes, that will tide them over till they get the proper briefing.

  5. because i have been told i have to by my ssm, so i don't really have much choice, thanks for the link.
  6. Your SSM doesnt like you does he :)
  7. as we are medics he is just trying to get the pte's into thinking about things before they go, it's really just a quick brief on any dangerous animals out there and the treatments
  8. Bison. Don't forget the Bison.

    And Pronghorn Antelope. Killers.
  9. There are some horrid creatures in the local bars.Most require HazMat training.
  10. AH The Sin Bin full of Wild Animals in the old days
  11. Don't forget the nasties that inhabit the Gag 'n' Puke! 8O
  12. And those pesky bears up in the Rockys on adventure training
  13. And there was never anything tougher than the fried chicken in the cookhouse at Camp Crowfoot.
  14. When I was there, early to mid 70`s there were Eagle`s. On one occasion one of our lads was attacked by one. He dared got too close to the nest (in the only tree for miles) he was lucky he was wearing a parka. Don`t forget that Lynx, Gazelle & Merlin`s can bite as well!
  15. Had they evicted Gordon the Gopher from under the hut