help needed - read before judgement!

Folks, no greater melting pot of fruitcakes have I access to so see if you can help..I need to borrow/hire a set of SS/Nazi uniform for a stag do on the weekend of 7/8th rubbish mind, decent authentic looking kit, that won't break the bank..any ideas??
many thanks for any help REgards...
Where abouts are you? There's a place in Hook (junc 5 M3) that does what you're after. Pukka stuff to, went to fancy dress do at new year dressed as a Nazi in Lederhosen. Impressed the ladies no end!
I knew you wouldn't let me down! thanks lads ( I think..)
Josey wonder you're an outlaw, I did say "read before judgement", it's all in the best possible taste, and I think you may protest a little too much!!

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