Help needed re. WW2 Royal Engineer units

Help needed please fellas.
How can i find out where and when specific RE units served during WW2?
I do know, from service records, that they were all part of 21st Army group but i cannot narrow them down further.
I have researched numerous documents at the Public Records Office with no luck, only managing to confirm that one of the units was on the 21st Army group ORBAT - not much help!

The units are;
1 Engineer Base plant park coy
4 HQ Mechanical Equipment Unit
138 Plant park Regiment
868 Mechanical Equipment park coy

and 50 RHU ???????????

I plan to contact the RE museum, anyone know how helpful they are?

Mac I conntacted by Friend, Major Roy, late RE and below his advice.

"I think that an enquiry should be made to the RE Museum and Library.
The reply should either state that the Librarian is able to help can
help. or point to other lines of enquiry. Here are the contact details:

Royal Engineers Museum
Prince Arthur Road,

Tel: +44 (0)1634 822839
Fax: +44 (0)1634 822371
Mil: 94661 2839

Email: <>
Web: <>

It is worthwhile having a look at the website to start with. Hope this
is of some help.


Have you checked each unit's war diary at the Public Record Office? It should list exactly where the unit was at a particular. My late grandfather used the war diary extensively to write a history of 225 Field Company RE, in WWII. However the 225 was in North Africa and Italy rather than the NW European theatre.

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