Help needed re Training

Hi All,

I'd be grateful for some assistance. This w/e the Sqn is out to Longmoor to do some comms training, and we are hoping to have with us some pre-TAFS recruits (about 5-6).

I have been asked to do some general training and interest stuff with them which sounds like it could be fun, however I'm at a bit of a loss to think of enough stuff to keep them busy for a full day/night.

The recruits will be coming out on Sat afternoon, staying overnight and then heading back Sunday AM.

So far on my programme I have:

How to put webbing together
How to put a Basha up
Contents of a ration pack (which may well also include the famous 'bottle of Port from the pack' trick)
Cooking/Washing in the field
Basic Map skills (This is a map... it's got horizontal and vertical lines on it etc etc.)
I may do a bit of a Night Nav for fun
Cam and Concealment (which they did last Tuesday night)

Can't think of much else... can anyone think of soemthing useful bearing in mind these guys don't have any/little mil experience.

Really appreciate your input.


Basic infantry skills are fun.
Maybe you could also give a small lecture in the history of their regiment.
Thanks for that... thought about doing something like a basic walk through of a section attack, but we won't be giving them weapons. Shame really!
I think you have enough topics to see them through 2 days never mind about 16 hours of which they will probably sleep 5 or 6 hours. I do not think night nav is a good idea to people who have not seen a map before. Daytime navex would be a much better idea. You could spend at the very least an hour on each of those subjects, with a couple hours on map reading alone, theory and practical.

Good luck
What about voice procedure?
Badges of Rank lesson , get them saluting or not saluting the appropriate rank at the end. Quick description of what every rank does.

Pay is another popular one . Are you qualified to teach on PRR? grab half a dozen sets , skip the set up bit and teach them basic voice proc . Might be useful in your Night Navex (Which I wouldn't recommend for raw beginners) :D

How about a rifle lesson? After all, that's the thing most of them want to get their hands on in the early days?



SilverBullet said:
Thanks for that... thought about doing something like a basic walk through of a section attack, but we won't be giving them weapons. Shame really!
Instead of giving them weapons you could give them sticks and make them shout “bang bang” or “banana banana”, that’ll amuse you and also still allow you to take them through a section attack. :lol:
I'm doing the same with my lot next week.

Patrolling and occupying a harbour.
Target Indication.
Judging distances.
Section attacks (Walk through, then speed it up a bit).
Duties of a sentry.
Basic map reading.
Health and Hygene in the field(Definately a good one, as there are some people who dont realise just how important it is).
Cooking in the field.

Hope that lot gives you some help.
Thanks guys, as you say plenty there to be getting on with. I'll have a rifle so I may get them stripping and re-assembling or something... actually, not with my rifle!

Cheers for the assistance.

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