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Currently in middle of applying for the Armed Forces (Navy) and have been told I neeed to provide the Navy with my Certificate of Discharge/Termination that states my Queens Regulation on the type of Discharge I recieved. I left in 07 and only recieved a Certificate of Service that stated my joining date, leaving date, unit/corps and signed by the Regts Commanding Officer.

I have written to APC, Glasgow but they were not very helpful and recieved a letter from them saying what I got is standard. However when my CA contacted them himself they said I should have recieved a Certificate of Termination stating my discharge type and without tnhis the Navy wont give me permission to process. My TA unit only had brief details on their files as the paper copies apparently went to Glasgow archives

I really am at my wits end with all this and wondered if anyone knew or had any idea on where to go from this?

I am planning to call APC in the morning to try again
My cert of service is 3 pages. Front is name, rank, unit dates etc, 2nd is Record of service with rank attained etc and 3rd is just the bit stamped by unit n signed by the CO. No sign of Discharge stuff and I aint ever recieved nowt else when I left
The TA certificate of discharge is pretty much the paperwork you have, two to three sheets with your discharge dates. You should point out to the Navy that as a TA soldier you would have been discharged under TA Regulations not QRs and this is sufficient to support the AFB203 they will have to submit to get approval for your re-enlistment. If you signed of voluntarily the discharge paragraph is TA Regs para 5.188 if you were discharged as a non-attender it would be paragraph 5.189. If it was for another reason speak to your old unit (if you left recently) and they may still have the details. If the Navy require a copy of your AFB200 listing all your qualifications etc. you need to write to the following address to request one and provide a photocopy of your ID (passsport etc) to prove you are who you say you are:

MS Disclosures
Mail Point 520
Army Personnel Centre
Kentigern House
65 Brown Street
G2 8EX
Spoke to Disclosures this morning and they said same, suggested I get a headed letter from the TA units AO or PSAO stating my discharges status and what other specifics they can. Navy just seem to be being really difficult through all this
Probably not being difficult but more likely unfamiliar in dealing with ex-TA applicants. Provided you haven't been out of your unit too long give the PSAO a ring and they should be able to provide you with something that will satisfy the RN.
3 years, Unit says that although they dont have my paper files anymore they have a record of me on their computers. Just rang unit back now, the PSAO wasnt available but the AO has agreed to get me a Headed Paper letter stating my details including the Type of discharge and that it was TA Regs 5.188.

Aye, alot of careers advisors dont seem familiar with the differences between TA and Regs. Shame the Certificate of Service we recieve doesnt show the discharge. Would save a lot of hassle for many people

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