Help needed re Civil Defence LSM

I know this is not the correct site for a non-military medal, but someone is Arrseland will be able to help me.
My grandmother sadly died two days ago. Whilst going through her stuff, I found a Civil Defence Long Service Medal still in its box, hidden at the back of a drawer. After asking "When did she get this and for what?", it transpired that no-one know she had received it. All I can find out was that it was instituted in 1961. I can't even find out if it is still being issued. Now having a few gongs myself, I have never seen one. Can anyone shed any light of the matter? Thanks

The only info I can find is:


Web Page Name

I hope it isn't what you've already got - I couldn't open it.

Looks like a nice gong!
And yes they are still being issued as I was at a ceremony (not to receive it i add) where one was given out.
I think it's for 25 years. Will try and track down the website I used when writing the citation

Linky 1 - Top of Page 6

It's called the Imperial Service Medal - red ribbon with blue stripe down the centre

Cabinet Office Honours page

Final edit - i'm way off at a tangent here - the ISM was instituted in 1902 - cabinet office page will have more detail i expect?
Civilian Honours Unit Room 462 St Giles Court 1-13 St Giles High Street London WC2H 8LD Tel: 020 72182448/82807/87024/87188

The people listed above might be able to help you. Further to my last post, I don't think the Civil Defence Long Service medal is issued any more - sorry for the confusion

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