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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by yellow-belly, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. I'm serving M/U in Germany at the moment, just found out i'm posted back to UK- April. There are no married quarters/mess so my wife will live in our own house some 200 miles away. I will be allocated a SSSA and come home at the weekends. Can anyone tell me what if any allowances i could be entitled to.
    Also does anyone know what the current MOD policy is on SSSA's
    ie Will i be in a house share with cilvians? Will i have a Washer/dryer for uniform?

    Many thanks

    PS i'm over 37!!
  2. I'm not exactly a guru on this matter, but from someone that I know who is currently living in a SSSA flat, I'll try by best to let you know what I know.
    FIA-its about £400ish

    Get you Home Pay- Rates are determined on distance away from your Spouse

    The Flat is supposed to be fully furnished (including TV,Fridge,Washer,Cooker and all the rest of the gubbings, as you are expected to tip up empty your bags and live. And no you wont have to live with civvies or anybody else for that matter. As the ruling is your family are entitled to stay with you in the flat for something like 80 days of the year, so your 2nd bedroom may be needed for the kids etc etc.
    Also, you dont pay any gas/electric bills and the system will even pay your BT line rental for you.

    All in all a really good set-up, with loads of extra cash, it almost seems to be to good to be true(well so my mate tells me)

    But please remember, I'm no AGC guru so wait untill a subject matter expert tells you as per ronnie the rule book.
  3. previous reply is mostley correct. The MOD will source up to three houses/ flats and you can choose from these. you can also source your own but will need to find out rent limit.

    fully furnished is normal - no tv as then they would have to provide a licence.

    financially approx £13 per day but does change.

    not sure if you will be required to share but if you do it is a military colleague - never a civvie

    contact your new unit ASAP to get the ball rolling

    hope this helps
  4. I live in an SSSA flat :)

    All above is correct, you can be expected to share with another Mil person if their is someone to share with and i know a few lads that do but who cares.

    All the properties are fully furnished down to cups knives etc more importantly include all the white goods.

    Telephone line rental is paid but not the calls, tv licence is paid for you.

    Dont let them fob you off with any old place, i would suggest you research any options given to you ie crime local amenities etc and get some where with dedicated parking !!!!

    You will pay normal food and accomodation rates but the Army picks up the bill for all the gas water council tax etc and theyll give you FIA i get just over £10 a day.

    You can even top the rent up if you want to get a property over your allowance. Once its all been approved you will be given a field advisor who will ask your requiments size number of rooms etc and the ones i have dealt with have been very good.
  5. Thank you for the help. Will start the ball rolling ASAP.
  6. Yellow belly. I'm in the same boat.

    As has been mentioned you will also get GYH(P) or whatever the JPA equiv will be. I am 261 miles away from the long haired CO and currently get approx £7 a day for that, I reckon you will get about £5 a day. Don't forget when doing your sums that these are non-taxable allowances.

    Now the bad bit. It does help but if you want to go home every weekend (as I do) then you will probably end up out of pocket, £10 a day for food only goes so far. I recommend that you bring back a nice reliable Diesel motor.

    It's also worth mentioning that JPA isn't set up to deal with the over 37 package as it is unique to the Army (I believe), there are a lot of people waiting to see what happens.
  7. Below is an extract from a letter I have seen recently that states there is no change to the Over 37 Package to Army pers on JPA. Hope that helps