Help needed r.e. badge identification

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by MadJen, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. Me and otherhalf were out on Saturday and saw an elderly chap in a wheelchair wearing a beige/sand coloured beret with a cloth badge with a camel and two (poss) lines going through it. He was also wearing the Military Medal. We were intrigued but didn't dare ask him which regiment as he was rather grumpy!

    Since then I have asked my dad (ex sigs) 81 and looked on the internet but can't find it. Someone has suggested Camel Corps but he wasn't old enough for that.

    Any help appreciated!

  2. sounds like the cloth arm badge for middle east command.its a camel and two pillers -romen type-on a blue background if i remember right.. why hes got it on a beret is any ones guess...
  3. I think you'll find that this is the 'Canal Zoners', those who served on the Suez canal. I think I have an old neck tie some where, the badge is sand with a blue canal and a camel.

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  4. Why don't they just wear their Regi hat with gong/no gong?

    Or am I just being cynical.....
  5. All of them I know do, the badge portrayed is a blazer badge, did the poster say it was on a beret?
    Google 'Canal Zoners' for info.
  6. yes, he did

    He also mentioned that the old geezer was wearing the MM. So, fair play to him.

    I just wonder why men who have been awarded this type of gong, or just have even been there, would feel a need to publicise it so many years hence, with walty thingamejigs
  7. For example, you don't get an organisation called "The Imjin Battlers"

    same decade.
  8. Would this be the beret you saw? Canal Zoners merchandise.

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  9. Have a look at this web-site. It has loads of historic stuff on etc, he may have been one of the trucail scouts/ trans jordanian guys, I seem to recall we did have Brits riding on camels (ala Lawrence) in the late 50's and 60's
  10. MadJen, is the beret you saw the same as pic in previous post?
    London Irish. In the Whitehall Remembrance Parade there are many individual Associations from 'Russian Convoys' to 'Bevan Boys' so why not 'Canal Zoners'?.
  11. Funny looking camel....looks more like a LLAMA!
  12. I wouldn't know, had no experience with llamas, only met camels!!
    (as the old saying said "We don't want to get there late, don't want one of the ugly *******")
  13. I remember my old man and grandad talking about the camel corps. Apparently the camels were such vicious so & sos that 1 years service in this outfit counted for two in any other, during peacetime.