Help needed please

Ok, I'm prepared to get slaughtered.....but I figured better off posting here than in the NAAFI....
I need help to find a friend of mine who's in 1PWRR. I've looked all over the internet for him and can't seem to find him. Does anyone know of a good way to track him down? Obviously I know his full name, possibly his service number too.
And no before you all jump on the wagon, I'm not looking for the father of my illegitimate child who was conceived during a NSA shag-a-thon with a squaddie.... I have no 'ulterior motive' I just lost touch with someone and would like to find out how he is.
Can anyone help? Thanks x
I hate to state the obvious buy why don't you just send him a letter with his name rank and number to his unit address and ask them to forward it on?
I'm not sure where his unit is, I found out some of 1PWRR are in Paderborn and some in Afghanistan and Iraq. Would I just need to send it to Paderborn? Sorry never really contacted anyone in the army before!!
OK, your best bet it to write the letter and put his number rank and name on the envelope plus a 1st class stamp (the Army are a bit short of money at the moment!) then put this in another envelope with a quick note asking the unit to forward the letter on. If the postie or Ch Clk is worth anything they will do this for you. Then on the outer envelope put the following address:

Chief Clerk/post room

Hopefully that will do the trick, if you get stuck send me a pm and I will see what I can do.
Or you could just post some pictures of yourself and maybe you will get a whole load of new friends!
Toni1986 be warned - do what right-grumpy suggests and you will live to regret it. Never trust a squaddie who lists "saving loose women" as an interest - you are only heading for trouble!!
lol. Yeah its ok I already spotted a thread where a group of 'young ladies' got torn apart by you lot! Admittedly some of these women could do with taking down a peg or two, I think they honestly expect you all to fall at their feet and beg to be sexually satisfied. I however have no illusions, I'm sure I'd be abused quite brutally if I posted any pictures.
However I would be interested to know if anyone knows my friend, not sure its a good idea posting his name on a public forum though!
Toni don't even go there - just do what I suggested with the letter or send me a pm if you get really stuck, I promise you that your friend would not be your friend for much longer if you did!!
Yes I'll be in lichfield then if you want me to be, I'll be the one starkers in the bushes by the front gate, I'll be wearing pigs fat and carrying a shovel and a bin liner.

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