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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by zulusix, Nov 5, 2012.

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  1. My friends son has joined the Navy Cadets, his DC has told all the cadets as this Sunday is 'a big parade' I want all your uniforms to be pressed correctly. Can anyone please help so I can let him know how he should press his uniform.

    Thanks, zulusix
  2. Such a directive can only result in each attendee ironing their rig in a random manner, thus mirroring quite accurately their regular counterparts. I take it that the DC and staff failed to provide any further direction, hence your question?
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  3. That is correct and the lad doesn't want to look silly by saying how do you do that then? Are the trousers done the same as Army now or do they still do the seven creases?
  4. There's no such thing as a stupid question. I'd be disappointed - but not surprised - if a direction had been given without providing the guidance necessary to carry it out.
  5. When I was part of the recruit training team I used to give a lesson on how to wear and press your uniform, dont know why the Navy Cadets dont do that
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  7. Guns

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    My missus is a SCC Officer (ex Commanding Officer etc) and she told me it is not uncommon and is normally a good indicator of the standard of the leadership and management of the unit. She said it is the sort of thing the District Staff should be all over. Her old unit you had to have a few lessons on care etc before you could get issued with your full blues uniform.

    As mentioned on the Navy Net/Rum Ration there are several SCC people who can help.
  8. Thanks guns, that info now is winging its way to the right people and I know the lad will look very smart on Sunday.

  9. Plug in iron, ensure thermo is only set to warm and in NO circumstances should steam be used.
    Place item that is to be ironed on a piece of corrugated iron or a similar undulate surface and apply iron gently to only half of the surface area.
    Then throw in a heap on the floor until required.
    This seems to work for the Regular Navy so should be more than adequate for SCC.
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  10. Now that you have had your serious answer. I believe they use mess tins.

    Yes. I am a dull troll with impotance issues.
  11. Get the chinese/ex ghurka laundryman to do it.
  12. He has the wrong idea about what looking silly is. I knew a Midshipman who put Tip-Ex on the collar of his manky, No 5 shirt because he couldn't be arrsed to wash it. Now that's looking silly, and he was supposed to be an officer.
  13. If the bunch of f***ing scranbags walking around Helston Tesco are anything to go by, Irons are forbidden within the RN now. If your lads suit looks like its only been slept in for a few days, then it should easily pass muster. :mrgreen: