Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by andy1984, Apr 13, 2006.

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  1. Hi there considering joinning the mpgs i was wondering if any one had any info on it i have seen the site and read the other forums but it aint said what it is really like and how quick pramotion is working pattens etc..... if any one can help please help!!!
  2. Depends what you want Andy!

    It also depends what site you go to.

    Some site commanders are utter knobs and do not have an incline as to how to man manage other sites are the mutts nutts!

    The jobs alright but the goalposts keep getting moved. It used to be 4 days leave and you would have had 12 days off. Now it's six days leave for the same amount.

    Your pay may be messed up for the first few months.

    Other then that it can be ok as can be promotion! But then again, ex 22 year men usually are good at whingeing and get rank pretty swiftly.

    But there are rules and they are being implemented at last!

    Give it a try, its only a year you have to do and the money, compared to civ div is ok when you take service accomodation!
  3. thanks for that so what sites are the ones to avoid???
    what is the bullshit factor or do u get left to ya own devices?
  4. Well, there are some sites best left alone but it really depends on what you are used to and yes, usually you get left alone!

    My idea of an easy life, after all it's just a job, is an RAF or RN site as they tend to be more laid back. The army sites tend to have the I am super look at me image.

    Feel free to PM me and ask questions.
  5. so i take it you r in the mpgs then?
    what is the intake like are the mcm div desprit for blokes or r u lot all packed out?
    its a big one for me do i do it or not!!!!
  6. If you don't have a social life, don't want to see your wife and kids at weekends and school hols etc then it's not bad! 4on, 4off looks good on paper, but if you follow that through on a calendar over a year youll soon work out how many weekends your going to be stood on that gate!!
    Most of the time you'll be working along side an MGS guard, ask him what he's being paid for working a weekend? A lot more than you that's for sure.
    Then theres the monthly training days, and the standby roster when you think you've got 4 days off!!
    Back stabbing and arse licking comes with the territory.
    No doubt a lot of people will reply saying how good it is, but sadly all they're in it for is to try and make up for what they could't achieve on their first attempt with the army.
    To sum up, MPGS is a great job for the "hard of thinking" security on the cheap, full of people getting therapy back in uniform.
    Hope this helps you decide?
  7. Andy, is 1984 is your date of birth?

    If so, may I be a little bold - If you are 21/22 years old why on earth do you want to stag on the gate with a bunch of 40+ year old men who cannot let go of the Army? Is that really what you want?

    I am sure at your age, you can do a lot better. Even if it requires a little hard work to learn a new skill, such as plumbing or training in some other area. If you are after the services with an easy life, then join the RAF. But surely you can do better than stagging on the gate, for rubbish money. Ok, I'm sure the money is good if you are topping up a pension, but not as a main source of income.
  8. Andy been in the mpgs for just over two years and it's the way forward obviously depending on what site you go to and who you work with and depending on your circumstances. I'm a single lad and go out more times than the gas the mpgs is for winners. Ive been on two diffrent sites and they have both been ok. There people out there working really hard for far less money the hardest thing you'll have to do in the mpgs is walk around the fence line or stag on the gate, there's people out there getting fucked about been sent on tours been shot at and for what?

    The time off is top off this year for 12 days in May, June, July, August, September, December and still got 10 days to put in.

    But with everything there are obviously cons you do work a month of weekends then a month off them and of course nights and holidays. Trying to fill your time off can also be a challenge if your friends have got proper jobs and your on your tod, I'm lucky as i'm close to my home town and a lot of my close friends have seen the mpgs as the way forward nd an easy life. My advise would be give it a go and if you don't like it you can get out after your first 3 months and get a proper job.
  9. I agree with shovelhead, you can only really take any advice from those who have tried it.
    There are many on here that slag the MPGS off and they have no idea what it is about, they just want it to be bad because it makes them feel good for being out of the forces.
    I have been in it for 3 yrs and I cant complain much about it, the overall package is a million times better than anything in civvie street.
    The main plus points are 4 days on 4 off as a rule, yes there is 1 trg day per month. Travel money if you live out, cheap accom if you live in. Free dental/medical and no waiting in A&E if you need treatment, a pension package that any civvie would sell his soul for, we now get the same resettlement package as the rest of the Army.
    I have never even seen a MGS guard at any of the 3 sites I have been at, and if you have a decent boss you can any time off when needed, at my current site we get drop days at weekends because the workload is less.
    The main drawback is the job is boring, it is what it says it is, guarding and patrolling, if you do want to join go and visit any site you get offered and speak to the people doing the job, they are the only ones who can tell you what you want to hear.
    Promotion on the whole is good but at some sites you will wait up to 3 years for a sniff because no-one wants to move and you cant be posted. but as we are on pay 2000 you still get a payrise on your yearly date. Competion is stiff with so many ex WOs and Sncos joining but in the main they do shine above the people who done 12yrs and left as Pte/Lcpl, these are also the ones who have a gripe about the job because they get jumped for promotion.
    All the best whatever you decide.
  10. I think you are being a bit unfair and bitter there old chap....

    I for one, take offence at being called "hard of thinking", you are generalising a whole group of people here. I for one am studying for an OU degree and with SLC and ELC am getting the Army to contribute also, I have more then enough time to study AND earn extra on 2 or 3 shifts I have off a month!

    I am 34 years old and you tell me, where I would have the same "pocket money" for the same amount of "work" outside?

    Surely I could have gone back into the "other" Army, but I thought I'd miss going on other tours as I think I did enough the first time round.

    For me it's a job and a way to get somewhere else so that at the age of 40 I will be able to have a better job earning more then the Army could ever pay me. Look at the bigger picture and not at your model kit.

    Oh, and by the way, do you really want to tell me that there is no backstabbing in other units of the army and that there is no arrselicking???

    That would indicate that you were either a QARANC or in the TA!
  11. I think Bombheed could have been one of the many who joined the MPGS, never got promoted quick enough so have decided to rubbish it in an attempt to put other people off joining and possibly achieving what he couldnt. Sad to think that anyone would be so twisted as to try to put someone off something because they couldnt make it, the guy was asking for advice at least try to be accurate in your response.
  12. Well Andy as you can see from the response to your question, life in the MPGS is a very emotive subject! I gave you my opinion from MY perspective as a married man and how the working patterns affect my lifestyle, you've also had the perspective of a single person who doesn't mind when he takes his leave. (not sure if you're a married man or not?)
    Like many jobs there are the plus's and the minuses, I tried to give you an HONEST view form my perspective. Maybe I'm at one of the "less well" run sites?
    It seems that one or two people have taken my comments on a personal level, and missed the point all together! (sorry goober but I've been promoted within the specified time scales each time).
    It's now down to you Andy, at the end of the day you have to look at what the job really is. You're a security guard with a weapon, nothing more nothing less! If that floats your boat then give a go, if not go out and learn a trade.

    What ever you decide, good luck. :D
  13. yes 1984 is my date of birth and i am 21.

    i am more or less being forced into doing mpgs as there is nothing else i can do due to an injury so i cant continue as a reme vm and been told i wont get out from the army ie pension or compensation.
    oh and thanks for all ya help u av all been brilliant so any tips on which site to pick?
  14. Where do you live mate, or are you willing to go anywhere?
  15. I am sure the Royal British Legion would beg to differ!!! Give them a call mate, if people can break their legs whilst AWOL, or get beaten up whilst on leave and still claim against the Army, I'm sure you can.