Help Needed - MLT Qualified with Brecon Experience

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Non-Grad Infantry Thicky, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. Comrades,

    I need to ask for some help with an Adventure Training week being run at Cwrt-Y-Gollen in Wales from 13th - 16th March. My school CCF are looking for an MLT qualified walk leader to take a group of 6 kids each day for 4 days over the Beacons. I was due to lead the walking but sadly due to work commitments I am now not able to attend.

    If anyone is MLT qualified, has experience of working with cadets (CCF or ACF) and is able to assist at short notice, please could I ask them to get in touch via private message. As long as they are on the Army payroll my unit will pay them the 4 days of training.


    Non-Grad Infantry Thicky
  2. Sorry, would love to but I have just agreed to something esle that weekend, please give me a shout if you need anyone in the future.
  3. They will also be CRB cleared as well won't they???
  4. No, not if there is CRB normal staff. You are only assisting not running it on your own.
  5. In that case they'll be supervising 5 cadets and 1 adult. There is, of course, plenty of decent terrain in the area where WGL or other awards are sufficient - assuming you are interested in doing some AT and not pretending you're doing the Fan Dance.