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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by enigmatic, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. my other half whos currently in afghan has had his lssa halved this month due to being home for ten days on R&R is this right?
  2. I can't answer your question, I am afraid, but I will point out that the current title will not attract those who might be able to help you.

    Please change the title to "LSSA - Help needed" and you should attract the experts!

  3. LSA is paid for every day that he is in Afghan, so yes, he will get less in the month that he has his R&R, as he isn't eligible for LSA for these days.
  4. Why wouldn't it be right?
  5. Litotes,

    It is LSA, not LSSA. You tit.


    I believe the below to correct, but I may well be wrong: (There are some very knowledgable people in this field who i am sure will give you the most current information)

    05.0112. Cessation of Entitlement. Personnel in receipt of LSA on INVOLSEP service terms will cease to be entitled to the allowance from:

    c. The 1st day away from an Operational area where there is an entitlement to the Operational Welfare Package and any Rest and Recuperation (R&R) is spent at their permanent duty station, family home or permanent residence. If, however, the R&R is taken locally in the temporary assignment or overseas Theatre and they are not joined by their immediate family, entitlement to LSA will not be affected.
  6. Thank you for providing the information. I am not an admin guru and did not claim to be. I merely pointed out to the lady that the title of her thread was confusing (I thought she was after information on ISAs) and was unlikely to attract the attention of those best placed to answer her question. As it happens, my post triggered the responses the lady needed. Otherwise, it would have dropped off the front page and might have remained unanswered.

    IIRC, both LSA and LSSA have been used in the last 5-10 years for operational allowances. I note that the OP used both in her post.

    3 posts already and for no apparent reason you call me a t*t? You'll go far, Sir!

  7. And here's yet another t1t here as I thought it was something to do with tax-free savings. Will now get back in my box and wait for the next "big thing" to break wind.
  8. Yes as mentioned above, more importantly who is that as your avatar?
  9. thankyou very much for your replys , i just thought it was very unfair to deduct this from there wages for a mere ten days when they cant claim travel warrents as they have to be in the country a fortnight so therefore there out of pocket to go visit family bankers are getting bail outs of millions yet soldiers are having 110quid deducted for comming home for a break from a warzone,

  10. tht would be me
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    tht would be me[/quote]

    I don't think yer man would be worried about losing his LSA then if he had to trade 10 days with you for it!!!
  12. I got a hire car on my R&R, has that stopped now?
  13. Get out of my RHQ stacker or I will set the dog on you.
  14. You may have a hire car, but only the day after you land at Brize (otherwise, you'll be outside drivers hours). A hire car can also be delivered to your home address the day before you report to Brize for the return. Pretty damn good IMHO, imagine how much that must be costing for around 17,000 + troops a year who deploy to HERRICK! Those who cannot/prefer not to drive will be issued rail warrants and bussed to and from Oxford train station.

    You don't have to travel anywhere over R&R if you don't want to. Movement around the UK is entirely a personal choice. And to echo Jockmod69's sentiment, if he's coming home to you, all he's going to want to see is the inside of your bedroom and perhaps the local for a few hours whilst he recovers!