Help needed londons and pay again

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by the_big_cheese, Nov 9, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone give me advice on my problem with pay, I am in the londons and went on annual camp in September but still have not been paid for it. This has hurt me in the pocket as I had to take the two weeks off unpaid and due to not being paid I have gone overdrawn in the bank and having bank charges added to my already overdrawn account . To top it all I could not afford my car tax so I had to declare it off road. Is it like this in every unit of just these bunch of idiots and is it worth transferring to another unit as looking on arrse this seems to be a ongoing problem with the londons. Is there any way I can get the money back that not being paid has caused me to incur. :x
  2. This isn't going to help you very much but i have to say that anyone who relies on the TA for part or all of their income may be making a very serious mistake!

    My pay (if i ever get any) will go into a separate account and be saved up for a rainy day.
  3. so its not just my unit that has pay problems then,
  4. Well i can't say for certain but i've not been in long, about three months and haven't been paid yet.
    There are a few other threads on here about non payment.
  5. i have been in over a year now but next year will be my first bounty, but looking at other threads i don't know how long i will have to wait for that.
  6. It's very easy to blame the group you're familiar with when somebody makes a balls of admin. The chances are it's nothing to do with the Londons and the source of the problem is in fact in Glasgow. Other than annual camp (which I ensured payment for by getting an advance while I was there) I haven't been paid since June but I've been assured that it's being taken care of. It would be nice if I got it by Christmas but I'm not holding my breath (as that would be silly due to the fact that under normal circumstances you can't survive without breathing for more than 3 minutes and it's probably going to take a little longer than that).
  7. lol the londons done this last year i think it a recruitment drive.because they got a lot of stick on here again about pay, it reminds the rest of the army especialy the guards that there still going strong (just)

    no one else from the londons will nag on here as there computers are in cash converters lol
  8. hahaha the londons are totally useless for anything to do with admin no itsnot likely to be glasgow as every dealing i have had with them has been fairly painless more likely that the payment form is stuck in the lazy arrsed PASO in tray these people seem to be the be all and end all of problems in the regiment everyone company i have heard off hads there tight lazy paso.

    and they think people leave the TA because of iraq etc no its the bad treatment in the TAC.
  9. If you did camp in sept then the pay request will have gone in the following month and as you are paid one month in arrears you'll get paid your MTD's for camp in your Nov pay slip. Or at least thats how ours are worked.
  10. That's because yours' is b0ll0cks.

    We get paid advances each week we are away and the balance the following month. Without fail.
  11. i believe it goes in the end of the month for the following month i.e end of september for payment in end of october thats how it goes every where i have been
  12. Not a London then. :)
  14. 'Problems'? You mean, there are units where you *do* get paid on time?
  15. Well seeing as your PSAO or the RAO are unlikely to be able to help an anonymous poster on Arrse, why don't you complain to them rather than to the internet?