Help needed- Lloyds TSB customers

Please be gentle- this is my first posting!

I am in the process of suing the b****rds at Lloyds bank to get my bank charges back and am desperatly trying to get a copy of the 'terms of business' from around January 1998 for a standard current account. Is there anyone more organised than me who has kept hold of a copy who could PM me? Thank you!!
Theres a whole website dedicated to getting your money back, I think it is one of the first results if you google 'reclaiming bank charges', they will help you more than an army website!
I have sent my third letter(Martin Lewis Website) to tsb, this one threatening court action but am expecting a negative answer because they recently won an appeal against paying back bank charges.
I think the bubble has burst with regards reclaiming back bank charges,.
I am using the Consumer Action Group web page which is brilliant and very detailed - Martin Lewis is good but not as indepth.

It would seem that Lloyds in particular is toughening up on giving back the money so I am preparing a bundle of evidence to take to court- assuming it gets that far. Anyway I need the original terms and conditions for my evidence.

Can anyone help?
Wedgy said:
That's all I did and now I have £1000 worth of beer tokens in my bank it's practically free money !!!
same as me, all i did was send them a couple of snot-o-grams from MSE website, then filled all that MCOL stuff in online, they entered a defence, got a notice of hearing date on monday, and then strangely the amount i was claiming appeared in my bank today :D

didn't have a letter off them or anything!! just go through the motions until you get a hearing date, then maybe flap about getting terms of use!
Not bank charges related but they tried to do the dirty with my endowment. I did things the way they asked and all that happened was they sent printed forms saying 'in hand' and 'we will advise you further inside 3 weeks' There was, of course, nothing in 3 weeks and I used this failure to base a complaint which I sent to the CEO and to the Chairman by name and marked 'Personal & Confidential' asking - not for the money - but that they get a grip on the 3 weeks promise. Phone calls from Chairman's dogsbody. Given a named contact in the endowment complaints. 2 weeks later, full payment of endowment money. Saved me over £3K so worth doing.
#8 they are very helpful but the music is chad as your dads PT kit.....................
Remember to complain to the FOS here, You can actually ring them and start the ball rolling. The FOS will ask the bank to explain it's charge policy and how they come to their figures. The FOS can make a bank answer those questions and their powers are dangerous to a Bank. In virtually every single case the Bank doesn't want to answer the FOS's questions so they offer to settle, usually in full.

Just checked. The FOS will charge the bank £400 to check your complaint, which they CAN NOT recover from you and if they threaten you for complaining to the FOS then the FSA get involved, which could result in the bank losing their credit licence.

Of course, that's never going to happen but share prices could be affected by such a drama, which is more dangerous to the headshed's careers...!

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