Help needed - .iso files


I have been given a game by a chum but he's sent it to me as a .iso file.

I have fired up Roxio but hit a dead-end.

I am aware what a .iso file is, but I have no idea what to do with it. I have searched (in vain) for a 7GB CD/DVD at home, but is the solution to get a really big DVD and write to it?

Help please!

Download and install Daemon tools (search for it on google).

Once installed, right click on the Dtools logo in your task bar, and select 'mount image' - find your iso file and it will open straight away. You should be able to install the game off of that. You will also need to keep the iso image mounted whilst playing, unless you find a no-cd crack (go to
Proximo just to clarify. An iso file is a copy of a CD stored as a single file, think of it like a zip file.

Deamon tools is a nice little free program that creates an imaginary CD drive on your computer that can read that ISO file for you and make it run just like a real CD in a drive.

If you want to put it on a CD check the help section for "Burn image", i use nero so dont know off hand how to do it with Roxio.
Yep all worked beautifully - many thanks for the all the help, you lot.

PJ - got to say that the .iso extension threw me at first, but Daemon did the job in a simple and easy fashion. I now have the game installed on my HDD so it shouldn't ever be a problem again.

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