Help needed in writing a chapter of my book.

If the copper is ex-Reg, he needs a sad, melancholy PTSD side to him. As he reaches for the Chivas Regal (Jack Regan's preferred tipple - you have to give a nod to the Sweeney my son)... he can come out with lines like

"Reminds me of the balcony..."
"Did I ever tell you about my time on the balcony..."
"And I'm not talking Romeo & Juliette mate...." etc etc etc


War Hero
On a more serious note, and actually trying to help...

Does the character have to be ex-military? The Good Friday agreement happened in 1998, so you could have them as a special unit copper, or squaddie on attachment, in Northern Ireland, having to deal with a last ditch attempt to derail the peace process.
Good thinking. Tony Blair has made his feckup in GFA (leaving out sabotage and poisons as terrorist weapons for declaration).

An ex TA SAS veteran of Intelligence School 9 contacts MI5 to suggest Blair is so gullible that some effort should be made to derail the peace process.

Our hero aged 22 in 1998, and already a hardened SAS man (?), is seconded to Met Police undercover unit.

He is briefed by MI5 " In 1962 the IRA terrorist plan was copied to us by Gardai. And reserve SAS officers asked to advise on counter measures. So you need to get close to the CO of that time Colonel MacPherson. As there may have been a cock up in anti terrorist strategy eventually leading to Blair's folly in Good Friday Agreement"

Hero asks "Ok Guv what's this MacPherson up to now in 1998 ?"

MI5 "He is a Judge running the Lawrence Inquiry. If you go under cover with Met Police in that process no one will ever suspect a thing"

A week later hero reports in "Last year Kent Police Authority called for inquiries into the history and activation of sabotage plans of IRA. And it is effing Kent Plod investigating Lawrence case for Judge MacPherson !"

MI5 "Well done. Kent Plod are an amusing bunch as cretins go Hero. Now then bears shit in the woods and there is no such thing as institutionalised racism. Just stay under cover with Met and give that ruddy Doreen Lawrence something to moan about some years hence eh ?"


I might do it for a Friday Night Thread, see what utter bollocks comes out the woodwork once people have got lashed! :)
Well done that man, I had forgotten all about it. Let me get suitably..ahem....refreshed and we will see what we can see!
Well done that man, I had forgotten all about it. Let me get suitably..ahem....refreshed and we will see what we can see!
Quoting yourself again, eh?

You utter, utter wretch.

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