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Help needed in outing a Walt!

Hi All.

I was wondering if anyone could help me? You see, I would really, really like to be able to out a walt and post it on the "All Walt, Wannabe" thread so that I will look big, clever and smug.

So if any of you guys know of a walt that I can out, could you PM me so I can start outing? Doesn't matter if it's a real walt or not; a veteran, ex forces, cadet, airsofter, re-enactor or even a serving soldier will do. In fact anyone with a bebo/facebook account who even mentions the army/forces would do the trick.

Come on guys, help me out ... I REALLY need to out someone as a walt to get some respect!
I went to a 1950s evening at the Talk in Norwich dressed as a National Service RASC Cpl, and I've never been a soldier - can someone out me please?

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