Help needed in identifying cap badge

Can anyone with expert knowledge, identify the cap badge on this fine Gent? Only history I have on him is that he joined the Buffs at the start of the Great War, but I am assuming he may have been moved into another regt during its course..... one thing to bear in mind is that his father was a horseman ( Carter/ Team master) in Kent. ... so I’m wondering whether these skills he may have had ( via his father ) may have led him into a cavalry regt, which may explain the bandolier in said photo. Many thanks to anyone that can help.
I think it's a RASC badge ( Royal Army Service Corps)
Surprisingly they drove carts and wagons -Corps of Transport
Agreed, looks like ASC (RASC is just a typo, the "Royal" was adopted after WWI).
I can't make out the detail of the puttees - mounted troops puttees were usually wrapped from the knee down to ankle as opposed to the usual ankle up towards knee.
The ASC badge shown above is the unvoided "economy" version worn during WWI.
Very many thanks to you both, will forward your comments to his Great Nephew whom I’m trying to assist, forgive my ignorance, but was I correct in my assumption that only horseman sported the bandolier?.....
Anyone who bothered horses did, I think - so horse artillery, transport, some engineer units.
I note he's wearing shorts -so possibly not serving in France/Flanders
Family are under the impression he served in Egypt then France .... may explain the shorts, although my knowledge of units serving in the Middle East during the Great War is limited!....


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This is why I love Arrse.

Oh God, just realised how that sounded when read. I meant the knowledge and expertise that the members bring to obscure items, rather than taking it up the chocky whizz-way


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All joking aside, kudos to @MARSHALVAUBAN and @1&12 for working out the potential cap badge.


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Yes agreed, Stumpy, although your previous comment made me giggle out load.... well played on the light entertainment interlude!
S'okay, beer has been taken. That and a 03:30 start this morning.

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