Help needed in finding ex squaddie.

Apologies if this is in the wrong place

Concerns grow for man missing from Chesterfield

Myself and many friends are seeking information on Neil Burger who has disappeared for at least the last three weeks & is believed to be in the Blackpool area. He has his tacho, driving licence & passport, but is not using any cards. We are very concerned about him dropping off the radar, and while we want to give him a beating for worrying us, we will be happy to know that he is safe, well & just wants some time on his own

According to the link I have been given on forces reunited he was in Junior Leaders and at RMAS during his 11 year service.

Neil Burgar who served in the Army from 1977 to 1988 with Junior Leaders Regiment | Forces Reunited Member Profile

Contrary to his photo he may have a tidy moustache or beard, and his hair is usually shorted than in the picture. He never wore casual shoes, or black shoes, and is most likely to wear brown, lace up dress shoes. If anyone does see him, please let me know, or if you can speak to him, let him know that everyone is worried & just wants to know he's safe.

Finally, I'd like to any ask MOD if I can / should post this up anywhere else on the site ( NAAFI bar )? Thanks for your time.
Update tonight is someone in Chester was approached by a "smart looking homeless person" ( short, dark hair, smart & polite, bright coloured shirt & jeans ), she has passed this onto local police ( some hours after the encounter, sadly ), but if you see someone matching the description, any help will be much appreciated.

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