Help needed in Dumfries and Galloway - Help for Heroes

Hi all,

A friend of mine runs a bar in Moffat and wants to run a Help for Heroes fundraiser during the Gala day there.

She wants to run an Armed Forces float and needs help with uniforms and vehicles. Serving or retired are all welcome.

If helping THE charity isn't enough of an incentive she does own a pub and the festivities will continue there afterwards.

PM for details or offers.

My uncle owns a country estate just outside Moffat so I could certainly see if my husband and I are available as the whole family tends to go for the Gala, keep us posted and I will see if we can be of assistance. We tend to go camping in Moffat in the summer anyway and there is a great camp site just outside Moffat called Craigelands. Hope we can be of assistance.

Hey all,

We are still in desperate need of a vehicle. We are at the stage now of asking if you even know any reenactors who have roadworthy AFVs or troop transports. It is for Help for Heroes and any funds raised from the march and fancy dress competition will go to the charity.

Please PM me if you think you can help.


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