Help needed identifying a ‘thing’

It is a magazine base plate from a Fuller & Julien 8mm semi automatic pistol as issued to senior officers in the 3rd battalion, Loamshires.
Hi all;

Saw this ‘thing’ a civ posted earlier elsewhere and trying to help said ‘civ’ identify her ‘thing’ of which she has no idea of what it is. Or it’s markings and is wrongly assuming it to be solid silver, I however don’t believe it’s silver (no hallmark) and can only presume loosely that it is military in nature due to the ‘broad arrow’ if anyone has any ideas what it is / what it was used for please and perhaps what the stamps mean then please do enlighten me!

thanks in advance!!
I know what that is.

It is the very same thing that was posted on a group on Reddit that is called 'r/whatisthisthing', about 9 months ago.

The r/whatisthisthing forum attracts thousands of knowledgeable commentators from every country in the world, you're usually certain to find someone there who can identify random items of ancient junk.

Not one of them had a fcuking clue what it was either.

I think it's a shiny silver-coloured ingot-shaped thing that's manufactured in the Far East for sale to gullible Westerners who think the broad arrow is a guarantee that it's sterling silver. All that glitters, etc..

I hope that helps.
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About 35 secs in I think you'll find an image of it. There's also a verbal description.

If you don't ask you'll never know.

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