Help needed. Hmrc vat demand

I left the Army 31st May 2011, took my tax free car back to UK around the 14th June 2011.
I had all the correct BFG paperwork,registered it on the day of my arrival.
By which point it was over 6 months old from time of registration on Pink log book and had over 14,000 miles on the clock.
... Due to being made redundant I had to sell the car October 2011.
I received a VAT demand today from HMRC for unpaid VAT on the car.
Having read the HMRC rules (Which make no reference to BFG regulations, Forces etc)
My feelings are since I registered the car in the UK after my discharge ( IN EFFECT A CIVVIE and no longer part of BFG regs)
Then as long as the car is over 6 months old or has more than 6,000km on the clock then I am not liable to pay the VAT if I disposed of the car.
Anyone have a clue how to sort this little mess out?
You have to hold the car for a prerequisite length of time (I think it's 3 years, but might be as little as a year) before you sell it. It's in the regulations, I remember it from when I imported mine

Regardless of being a civvy when you brought it into the country, you purchased the car and imported it under BFG regulations.

Too late now, pay the tax or get humped.
you can get rid of the car on 13 Jun 12, as you have to own it for 12 months (better to add a few days on)

Why did you have to sell the car? surely you knew you were in the bracket, and had 12 months to get yourself squared away?

Why get a tax free car if you knew you were getting out and would not keep it?
I dont think it is BFG regs you ahve fallen foul of. Standard customs regs if I am not mistaken. When you imported it tax free you did so on the basis that it was for personal use not sale for profit.
What HRMC like humping people now?
Do you get the choice of which inspector you do it with?
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