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Been dicked to give a lecture next week on "Weweslsburg Castle, surrounding area and local action during the Second World war." Exciting stuff I know!!! I have found plenty about the castle and I know the US 1st army took the area but can find no details of the action. I have to make this last half an hour for **** sake!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated guys.
Find a period when it wasn't being attacked and describe the local nightlife, whorehouses etc. Is it any part of WW11 or can you choose the period?


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I have to make this last half an hour for **** sake!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated guys.
Begin by saying "Wewsleburg Castle is a fascinating example of..." (make something up).

Look down at your shoes. Ponder. Raise a finger to your chin. Begin to walk with a thoughtful expression. Leave long silences like you are thinking about important stuff. Bleat on about medieval siege architecture. Walk about a bit more looking thoughtful. Say something about the correlation between a siege mentality and it's relevance to modern reactive warfare.

By now half your audience will be asleep. After 20 minutes say "Thank you gentlemen, it has been a pleasure" and put in your chit for exces. Sorted.
Wewelsburg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Tons on there, if you cant make that last 30 minutes you're doomed.
From which the "local action" comprises:

the 83rd Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 3rd Armored Division seized the grounds after reports from a nearby Burgomeister that "SS men had set fire to their barracks in the castle, changed into civilian clothes and fled." Because Macher's company ran out of explosives, they placed tank mines only in the unimportant southeast tower, the guard-building and the SS-cadre-building[SUP][/SUP] which was completely destroyed. The castle was set on fire
Looks like the focus of the lecture is to be on Nazi occultism then.


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A quick trip to the Castle should give you plenty of info. Not too far from Sennelager. 20Km

It had a small work camp at it, the labour of which was used to hand chisel away rock to make the altar for the Eternal Flame that was planned there. (or some such thing)

Google "otto gahr cauldron wewelsburg" for some bits and pieces about the gold cauldron.

Here's a link to the SS Rings stored there ‚m‚n1. Heinrich Himmler TOTENKOPF RING der SS

If you're willing to count under 20Km as local area, then this chaps demise might be noted, highest rank US soldier to die in Combat in WW2. Maurice Rose - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
i know it doesn't help you much but i stayed in the castle for a week in the late 70's on a school visit it was a youth hostel then but don't know now.

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