Help needed from the experts please.

I am currently working with about 30 retired soldiers from various capbadges, and we are currently discussing fitness levels in today's Army (sad I know) I maintain that back in 1977 the BFT was 2 miles squaded and a best effort 1 mile (including 3 pieces of the assault course) all done in DMS boots, lightweights and puttees.

Can any of the Older ex PTI type chaps confirm this please. There is an element of "Old sweats" here that swear it was always 1.5 miles both squaded and best effort.

Many thanks for any assistance and clarification.
When I joined in '77, it was 1.5 miles squadded, then another 1.5 miles best effort. The old sweats are quite correct.
I'm with Liverman, when I joined in 1975 it was two miles squadded followed by a mile best effort it changed to one and a half in 1976.

Saying that my father joined in 1936 and there was no such thing as a fitness test you were just expected to do your job and that counted for World wars as well!

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