Help needed from any G4 Daddys!!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by stackerhacker, May 24, 2008.

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  1. Daddys!

    Right I`m issuing some vehicles to another unit, 8851`s with IV 1033s? or just 8851`s??? help i need a quick answer please.

    Many Thanks

  2. Im going say definitly 1033's and 8851. Says so in JSP 886 Vol 4 Part 201. this relates to material accounting and transfer of equipment.
    List any deficiences on the CES as well.

    If anyone wants to contribute id go with what i said.

    (Not being funny CH but its Sat!!!!)
  3. Cheers, I know its Saturday!! but I`m somewhere hot and sunny! and I`m the only G4 rep, Its just to comfirm, what i was doing was right? Thanks for the reply.

  4. You only need an 8851 if its a permanent transfer. No need for 1033, its a waste of paper. If the vehicle has radio fits or other bits of kit not on the CES/AESP then use a 1033 for all extra items so the relevent departments can account for the bits.

    1033 if its a loan of less than three months, loans in excess of three months use an 8851 with the loan expiry date filled out.

    Fill out all copies of the 8851.

    Retain the brown copy as a temp receipt. Send the rest with the vehicles and the receiving unit will carry out their end of the bargain.

    You should get the red copy back with rv numbers, destroy the brown, they retain the green and the blue is sent to the address on the back of the voucher.
  5. I stand corrected then, knowing where Strima is go by what he says! I was sort of right and to be fair, you wouldnt of gone far wrong.
  6. My pleasure :)

    Forgot to mention, CES diffies should be annotated on the 8851 and also any relevet serial numbers such as weapons systems.

    No need to issue a work ticket for the vehicle move, get the driver to fill out the details in the box on the top right hand corner of the 8851 and they are authorised to travel IAW the ERO. They can also draw fuel on this but ensure they carry a recovery and accident pack just in case and anything in line with current theatre SOP's.

    I have seen some really bizarre vehicle issues in the past and to be honest it can't get any easier. Units and QM's tend to make their own rules up and get very upset when I post back their 1033's unactioned and often torn up :)

    P.S. CH you Pet Op or Driver today???? :p
  7. Driving a HX77 so definitly Driver! :evil: I palmed off the Armoured UST to someone else!
  8. Are you issueing the vehicle from First line or Second line Accounting ?

    because if your first line you may have to issue it, off your ET & ET Maint accounts as well