Help needed from any budding historians!

So, yes another newbie!!

I've been in Germany for quite a few years now, and have always been keen on the history etc of the barracks i visit, and trying to find out more about my Grandfathers time here as a soldier.

I'm trying to find a little bit of background into the time he spent in Germany in 1945. Unfortunately, his memory is not what it was!!

In between phone calls from him needing help with his new sky HD box, and discussions about the latest episode of Bullseye (which he's seen on challenge tv, and doesnt realise was first broadcast 20 years ago - doesn't Jim Bowen look good for his age!!) he's managed to recall the following very sketchy information:

He was in the Royal Engineers E&M.
He thinks 549 sqn (or Bn etc)
He believes he entered the country via France, south of the Rhein (Op Plunder perhaps)
Before leaving the country he was working to restore the water supply in the Bad O/Herford area.
He doesn't recall seeing/visiting the BAOR HQ in Bad O.
He does recall while working in the area, bunking with his unit in a bombed out textile factory (textile manufacture was prevalent in the Bielefeld/Herford area at the time, so this could be a lead).
His unit pumped water from a local river near the factory - could this be the river Weser (this again could confirm he has his final destination correct - Vlotho/Bad O/Porta Westfalica all in this area).

He left Germany in approx July 1945 via a German port, which apparently was deemed as 'close', so probably Bremerhaven, Cuxhaven, Emden - i don't know which of those ports if any we were using at the time.

I'm hopeful i can find just a tiny bit of info here, such as confirmation about what unit he could have actually have been in.
Any info would be hugely appreciated, and i thank you all in advance.
I think he was in 34 Chem Warfare RE. They were formed to poison the Weser and Rhine. Sorry pal....ang on a sec no ... sorry wrong unit.
Thanks for the responses.
My mum had a copy of his service record, but apparently, this showed little more than his service number, enlistment details, and discharge details. Hence the continued uncertainty. I should have mentioned this in my original post!

Thanks again guys

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