Help Needed For NI Documentary

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by GDav, Jan 24, 2006.

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  1. A friend of mine has produced a number of serious, unbiased documentaries about causes and events during the troubles. His production company is currently researching a new film about the troubles in Londonderry in which he wants to give proper representative views of as many people who were involved as possible.

    If you served in Londonderry from 1969-1980 or have information to impart could you please PM your e-mail address to me for passing on. Ex-para views are particularly welcome (now there's a change). Anonymity is guaranteed but it would be helpful if you were prepared to be interviewed.

    This is a genuine request lads and a chance for us to tell it as it was. Unfortunately it is before I joined up so I can't really be of any help.
  2. Another docucashinemantary on Bloody Sunday... Well thats just great!
  3. Is this your Mate?

    Edited at GDav and Vinnys request to avoid confusion.
  4. Yes that's him. Disregard my comments and reply directly to him. You can do so without any worries. He is exactly what he says he is and has very good international standing as a respected documentarist.
  5. Hurrah!

    My ability to put 2 and 2 together is unparalelled.
    I'm of to taunt the slime!
  6. Thanks for that mate. No point in having two threads about the same subject and although I pointed Vinny in the right direction I forgot how fast he can move LOL
  7. Thanks Vinny. I think I'll just let this thread die and you can concentrate on the other one.
  8. The one thing you can sure of, is that any thing you say will be cut and edited and used out of context leaving you looking like a prat.
  9. If that's how you feel then fcuk off. I did make it clear that I have confidence in the man's ability to make a good documentary without him having an axe to grind.

    If you've anything constructive to say that might help the guy then go ahead, if not then please accept my invitation as stated above.
  10. Come and join us
  11. GDav.....If you believe that then you would believe any thing, just how many times has some thing been said off the record and that person who made all those promises then went head and used it.
  12. Let's get something 100% straight W.Anchor. If I didn't know the guy and his track record I wouldn't, as an ex-serviceman, be asking anyone to trust him.

    You don't know me so you can be forgiven for not being familiar with my integrity. Perhaps you will come to appreciate it some day.