Help needed for a youth centre

Hi, first off - apologies for my first post being a begging one but a friend pointed me in this direction, so I am following that lead!

I am currently volunteering as a Youth Worker at the camp where I live and along with a member of the AWS am trying to get a youth centre up and running. The club that was here before had been pretty much left alone and was a major mess and very run down. For the last 6 months, there hasnt even been a club in operation as it had got so bad.

We are lucky to have the sole use of a building, and have managed to get in and give it a good clean out, making it somewhat more pleasant. However we have had to throw out around 80% of the equipment, as it was so old and broken etc. We are unfunded and non profit making, so will need to rely on the good will of others in order to get this project finished. Homebase have kindly donated us a trolley load of paint, which we have used to redecorate (I've spent my free time for the last 3 weeks painting), and we had a small amount of cash available which we have used to buy some new chairs and refurbished some furniture. We have some more money put aside in order to buy a Wii, but then that is all our financial aid gone.

I have been on Freecycle and have kindly been given a few bits and pieces (board games etc), but we are in desperate need of cd's, dvd's and a dvd player. We also need flooring for the entire building as it is old and broken, and not very child friendly atall. Some vinyl and a bit of carpet for the tv room perhaps would make an enormous difference.

Anyway, thats my sob story... the main reason for my post is to ask if anyone knows where we may be able to get some help from... are there any businesses which are forces friendly and who may feel generous enough to make a donation? As I said above, entertainment kit and flooring are the main items we need, but really anything which would make a difference would be greatly appreciated. I am hoping to get in touch with Morrisons (our local supermarket) and ask if they would provide us with some bits for the tuck shop, just to get us up and running.

I can gladly give my time and effort to this project but I cannot afford to pay for it out of my own pocket - if I could I would as I think it is a good cause, and something which the kids around here are crying out for.

So if anyone can help atall, with ideas or even a donation of equipment I would be really really grateful.
if the youth club is serving the military communty your local Bde / RF Div will help. there is pot loads of cash out there - similarly the unit which you're serving may wish to donate cash via the COPF /PRI fund. Have you approached the UWO?
Danny, please see PM I have sent you...

Legs - we are at Dishforth Airfield up in North Yorkshire. We seem to get lumped together with Topcliffe and Catterick regions, although we are AAC and connected to Wattisham officially. It is the AWS lady from Catterick who is helping with this project.

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