help needed difference between Dvr GS and Cat B cse

Hi i was just wondering if the driver types could help me out on a question

what the Dvr GS and Cat B cse courses entail and primarily what is covered on each course

hope this is in the correct section

thanks in advance

Is it regular or TA courses? Also what do you mean by Driver GS? Do you mean the B3 Driver course, or the fam course for green fleet?
its a TA course ive been put down for annaul camp

the cat b one confused me because i was on the understanding cat b was a car

and i have no idea what the driver Gs is, and cant find a desricption of it anywhere
Yeah cat B is for your car license. Ive a feeling that Driver GS may be a fam course for land rover. Im assuming by your post that you already have your car license?
cheers for the quick reply

been sorted now

turns out ive been booked on to do my car license when i already own one and have been fammed up on whitefleet

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