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I left my car a Volvo V40 idle for 3 months. Problem is the doors were deadlocked and now my battery is dead. The deadlock is electronically powered so I can't get into the car even with the key, therefore I can't open the bonnet and slave it.

Is there a way of getting power to the car from the outside? Ie. anywhere I could clamp a battery to? If i could get power for even a couple of seconds it would be enough to operate the locks and get in it.

Cheers in advance

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To save me searching for this, tell me, are your the person who asked for advice on how to park up your car for 3 months?

If so, then let me point out - ha ha ha, it's your fault for not taking the good advice we all gave you !
If you're in the AA & have the Homestart thing, or equivalent, they'll usually open it for you. If you're a member of some such organisation, try asking.

Don't try starting it until the battery has been replaced, it can wreck some electronics.
My Merc did the same (after a cold 8 weeks in the garage).

Open door lock with little fold out metal key in electric key fob.

Open bonnet.

Charge battery.


No unfortunately I'm not the one who posted about parking his car, admittedly that would have been funny though.

The V40 deadlocks are powered by an actuator so even the key can't open the locks.

If I didn't need it for dogging, I mean the dog, then I'd burn the bloody thing!

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this too

Hi All...I actually managed to find time to look at my bonnet release problem after my friends returned to Malta from their stay with us.

Thank you to all who assisted me.

I think I was a little fortunate but this is how I managed to release my bonnet on the v70. mk1

1) I removed the front plastic engine/sump guard which was held on with 2 x 10mm bolts on either side and was off in a couple of mins.

2) Looking underneath the N/S area with a torch you can see the cable that travels to the N/S bonnet lock and also lying on your back under the engine you can get your hand on it and follow it to the lock. Once I had my hand on the lock after a little feeling around I found the lever mechanism to spring that lock. You can see part of the lock but not all..i think from memory you can see the top of it, never the less it is quite easy to release it just by touch. I found I needed safety glasses as you are underneath the area and debris and dirt did fall down.

3) The O/S (Drivers side) was much more difficult to get to. But again I was able to get my hand on the cable approx 6 inches from the lock but not on the lock itself. To my great surprise whilst rattling/tugging/pushing the cable and pondering what action to take next as I could not see or touch the lock, the lock released and freed the bonnet. I think the action of "pushing" the cable towards the drivers lock (O/S) may have released the catch as that’s the way the lever on that lock would operate (looking to the front of the car both levers on the locks swing from left to right) I say swing because they are on the underside of the locks.

All I need to do now is to replace the cable.
Try asking here > fod and metal key lock out - Volvo Owners Club Forum

Quick resumé says you should be able to open the boot then crawl through, then you can pop the bonnet open. One of the shite things on my V40 that pisses me off is that the 12v DC fag lighter is always live, so if you leave your satnav plugged in or anything else when you turn it off the battery will discharge. If I was any good at electrickery I would sort it out.
If you have a set of jump leads you could also connect the positive to the positive on the starter motor, should be easy enough to get to, and the other to the engine block, that will put power through the car to unlock it mate
Starter motor is a proper pain in the arse to get to on these cars, tucked right away behind the turbo and the the exhaust - in fact it's easier to change the turbo than the starter motor :(
Oh and all of you replying with posts about a V70, I know you're trying to be helpful but they're totally different cars, the OP is talking about a V40.

You may as well have posted info on how to hotwire a Ford Model T.

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