Help needed. Bergan Straps.

Hi there. I have a short back bergan that I bought myself many moons ago. Problem is through lots of use the shoulder straps are a bit thread-bare and they cut into my shoulder severely when tabbing. I don't want to bin the bergan as it is in good nick so I was wondering if there was anywhere I could take it/send it to have some new straps put on?

Oh, just to add:

I'm TA so I cant just take it into the stores and ask for a replacement as they can only offer me a long back.

I'm not buying a new one as I don't have that kind of money.

Any help appreciated.

You can mail order it too Jayjays in brecon and they will repair, failing that Trooper's and Dragon's in Colchester are also able to modify or repair kit.
If you are a short arse and need a short back bergan, the stores should be able to demand one.
I was issued a short back bergan in the TA, no problems.
Take it to the stores, exchange it for a long back, pop down to your nearest Army surplus and exchange long back for short back. Sorted.
The foam that plumbers use to lag pipes comes in different densities and sizes. I lagged a strap on a bergan with a piece of that and a load of carefully and tightly applied black PVC tape - lashed it really. That, though, will be quite slippy.
I can´t see how the straps are so bad, when the rest of the bergan is good. puzzled.

If you bought the bergan yourself, then you aren´t really due a replacement, it is not issue kit. BUT.

Where is your issue bergan, why don´t you use it, and if it is the wrong size go to the stores and tell them that you need a replacement short back. Cos ur ickle.

The stores wouldn´t issue you 11L boots if you needed 10S (though they´d probably love to try) so ask them for what you want.

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