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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by pete105, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. IM doing a lecture on the army air corps, and need as much infomation on them as possible.
  2. Try here : Click me
  3. What do you want to know? History? Role? Aircraft? Scandals? Who are you giving the lecture to and when?
  4. In a nut shell :?

    They fly fixed and rotary winged aircraft are great for jobs the RAF cant/wont do.

    Pilots can be jncos or sncos or even officers, currant CGS is .... feck ask blob or flash.

    Oh did I mention they have Apaches which are doing outstanding service on Herrick.

    And Sjt Slingsby is a member of this Corp
  5. I can give you as much info about the front end of the Corps (Bowser troop) as you need!!
  6. Army Air Corps History in Brief:

    The Army Started a pilots course in 1804 and this gave 99 years to work on their egos, cheesy one liners and excuses to avoid Regi PT before the advent of powered flight.

    They are generally the best looking, witty and handsome members of her majesties armed forces, however there are a few Corps members which test this rule to the extreme.

    In the Army Air Corps, homosexuality is outlawed and only practised in 700 offices and LAD tool stores.

    There are four types of people....... two types that matter and two types for FOD plod and to act as speed bumps outside the guardroom. Formerly Aircrew and Sigs...... Aircrew are generally backsliders, Sigs are generally lovegods and sex instructors....... MT and Qs stores are the chaps that don't matter and can be found licking moss off trees and wondering what colour their airbags are in their Nissan fcukwits.

    Up until recent times the most dramatic thing the Army Air Corps did was look cool in Who Dares Wins and engaging a rather viscious cardboard box on Operation Granby.

    Now they dominate the the skies with weapons of hardness and death.

    All who serve or served have a higher hit rate with chicks and have on average a 26% bigger penis than your average soldier
  7. Yeah! 26% bigger than your average female AAC soldier!
  8. Most serving females have large penis's
  9. You were in the AAC weren't you MDN? Maybe a Sigs type?
  10. One of these days me and you are really going to disagree.

    The truth about who is a pint swilling, devilishly handsome lovegod and who is a shandy drinking fat baldy shall be proved at the army/navy game.

    "Aerials", when you absolutely positively want a word to find out if any spotters are in the room. (They cry and go on about washing powder and insects feelers for ages and bore the fuck out of people with a life)

    And to give the accurate statistic

    The signallers are 26% of the Army Air Corps who all happen to be cocks

    Real men smell of avtur
  11. And what will be the outcome? You going to angrily shuffle 1033 pads? Arrange socks on the higher shelf rather than the lower shelf in a viscious strop?

    We've been over this ground before and the result was quite clear that Qs dogs smell of dung and thrive in dark damp places......... ideal as its a sound recruiting ground for council house dwellers :D

    You my welsh singing chum are a janitors jacket wearing caretaker with stains on your Hong Kong Fuey coat that could keep a labrat busy for a lifetime.

    Only girls, grannies, gay men, and signallers spend a hours with a phone handset up against their ear.


    I think not.
  13. Just because you've no one to call?

    You've already been defeated in this argument and nobodies mentioned that you are welsh........... and sing like the camp one out the petshop boys.
  14. I have heared roumours that you are also Welsh and take it like the camp one out the petshop boys
  15. I've heard you have a stutter....