Hi this is my first post so bear with me I am currently on personal development for the 4 para 2013 cadre. I have very acute FSGS (kidney problem) for which I am checked every 8 months or so. Before I proceeded with my application I spoke at length with my doc who was surprisingly happy with me to join but now the army docs have blocked me saying they have a policy of not taking on recruits with renal problems but I can appeal. What is the best way to appeal and will it get me anywhere!!! As for my fitness I have trained all 2012 to get this far including climbing Mont Blanc, many monros, long runs and even longer cycles so as you can imagine I am REALLY REALLY pissed off just now any help would be great.



The army Doc who failed you should have been able to tell you the appeal process. If he didn't, get in touch with your 4 Para recruiter who can help.

Without knowing your full medical history, it is impossible to tell you whether an appeal will succeed. Your only option is to appeal and see.

By the way, most people train for 4 Para by putting their trainers on, opening the door and heading out for a run. Don't over think it!
Hi Duke cheers for the reply I didn't over think it, climbing is a get away from work and a clear the head. I have a group off very outdoor minded mates so every year we train for a challenge so after training all winter for the alps then keeping that up for the cadre i thought this was giving me the best possible chance.

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