help needed asap!!!! deposit needed

Discussion in 'NOW That's What I Call ARRSE 1' started by mojokart, Mar 26, 2012.

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  1. hello all and thanks in advance for any help recieved !!
    right my predicament is i split up with my wife a wee while ago now and have been living in the camp but now i have been offered my ideal place back home.. the only problem is i cannot afford the £1000 deposit as its too much .. is there any way i can get an advance of wages or something similar to help me out with this.. ive tried all relative charities etc but no luck and i need deposit by friday or i lose my chance at this house ..
  2. Brilliant.
  3. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    SSAFA any use there?
  4. PM me your bank account details & security code and I'll sort you out.
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  5. I ******* hope not.
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  6. i called ssafa and hey cant help me because im currently in the process of leaving the army also.. and as for the guys comment saying brilliant . thanks alot ya waster!!!
  7. UK Short Term Loans – Instant Payday Loans Lenders

  8. It is 86,000 Ugandan dollars sir!

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  9. Ill wire you a grand but ill need youre bank account and card details, proof of identity by way of photocopied passport, a signed guarantor and £1800 back by June payday.
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  10. I don't think your mojo's going to be working by Friday big fella. I've just tried to sort out an advance of pay for one of the blokes here, only to be told by the RAOWO that they don't happen anymore.

    Try a bank loan.
  11. yeah its very funny people aint it?? especially when you have know where for your kids to come and visit you !!! because they live so far away!!!! so much for the help ?? all i asked for was if the arm could help me out with this not cash from some idiot or payyday loan company !!!!
  12. Ask the Cbt Spt HR Spec in your unit then, not a public forum ;)
  13. I am not the waster calling charities for a house deposit." Sorry about your wheel chair that we said we would get you Mr 20 year old Afgan Veteran, old spunk trumpet over her has seen this beautiful 2 bedroom cottage that we all just fell in love with".
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  14. MK, FFS, calm yourself down, you come asking for advice then start lobbing your dummy out ya pram. That's not really going to persuade people to help.
  15. Dry your eyes princess, you have been given a solution but feel you shouldnt have to pay for it. I guess your kids mean **** all to you compared to cash eh?
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