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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by OCS001, May 29, 2009.

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  1. I don't know whether this post should be here or not but seen as it is to do with me wanting to become a pilot here goes;
    I recieved a letter this morning from the consultant advisor in aviation medicine, saying that becuase of asthma in the past, I cannot proceed with my application to take the aircrew aptitude tests.

    The letter went onto say that I could proceed with the tests if I could prove a wrong diagnosis. Does anyone know how I could go about doing this?

    My case:
    6 years ago after participating in the 1,500m event at the annual sports day, my chest felt tight and because I have a mother that over reacts to anything that is different, whipped me straight off to the Doctors. The Doctor gave me a salamol inhaler to use if I felt the tight chest sensation again. I am of the opinion that the tight chest was down to over doing it on that day, although I admit a doctor will know more than me. Does this tight feeling in my chest refer to asthma or is it just the feeling of catching your breath back after "blowing out your arse" per say.

    I completly understand how struggling to breath would have catastrophic consequences when flying and will accept it (albeit grudgingly) if I am not deemed medically fit.

    Any help on this will help greatly.

    Thanks in advance
  2. This one is simple, go to see your local GP and ask them to review the diagnosis from 6 years ago. If necessary stamp your feet and explain you stand to lose a lot because of your application. If you get a change of view they can write a letter explaining so.
  3. Like Muttley said get a review and if it does'nt go your way do this

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  4. Thanks a lot, I will be stamping my feet very had.
  5. "Very had"? :?
  6. "Very hard" typo :roll:
  7. OcdtS....

    Check PMs
  8. Just wandered how you got on with getting the letter from a doctor? My husband was in the same situation - he too got taken to the docs by his mum and was given an inhaler when he was around 8-10 years old but never used it, and has now failed his aircrew medical. It has always been his goal to become a helicopter pilot so finding out he had failed after over four years in the army was gutting for him. Do you think this is something he could try and has this worked for anyone else? Thanks for any advice.
  9. I went and seen my doctor and she told me that I had a wheeze when I was given the inhaler. I didn't get chance to ask her to write a letter to the chief medical officer at Middle Wallop, and I am waiting to go for another appointment to arrange her to do this for me. (Being slightly difficult as I have now finished for the year at University and the doctors with my medical reports is far away.) I am unsure whether the AAC will except me onto the pilot selection cause even with a wheeze but can only try.

    Did your husband attend any medical tests? I only recieved a letter from the chief medical officer because I had mistakenly said I had asthma on the medical form I had to fill in. If he informed them off his inhaler and that he believed it to be asthma, then it would be worth going to the family doctor and gettin a correct diagnosis. Then if it is not asthma get him/her to write to the chief medical officer at middle wallop. Then pray.

    Hope this helps.

    Ill keep you posted on how my application goes and hopefully it may be of some help.

  10. not wanting to be too harsh, but... in other words, your doctor maintains it was asthma, you had an inhaler, you know you have asthma, you declared it on application... but have only just realised that this fucks your chance of going pilot... so are now trying to change your medical history? :roll:
  11. If you pass the lung func test at AOSB I'd have another shot at arguing your case.
  12. Do not give up until you have exhausted all the available avenues.
  13. My husband was never actually diagnosed with asthma, but was given an inhaler as a preventative measure. He never informed the army he was asthmatic as he was never told he was. When he went to do his medical for aircrew, he passed everything that he had to do, and it was only when they wrote to his family doctor for his medical history that this became a problem that he had been given an inhaler even though there were no problems with his lungs for any of the medical tests that he had to go through. Thats the only reason we are trying to look into if we could appeal against the decision, because if he had have had asthma, there is no way I would be encouraging him to try and appeal against something that has been put in place for his saftey, its just that it seems a little unfair that this has stopped him pursuing his career. I think he is going to go and see the doctor at work again and ask him for some more advice too.
  14. I admit I believed what I had was asthma, as that was the only medical condition I thought inhalers were used for. Recieving the letter saying my application process could not go on, did crush the dream so to speak, but at the bottom of the letter from the Chief Medical Officer, he said that if I could get it dismissed as a false disgnosis I may be able to continue with the process.
    So I went to my doctor and asked whether this was possible, in which I was told that it wasnt asthma I was diagnosed with at the time, I had a wheeze. The appointment at that time was specifically for her to fill out the AOSB medical form so I have arranged another appointment to discuss my options.

    If after all this I am told that I can still not continue with the application process then fair enough, but I dont see the point in not trying everything possible.

    You can't change your medical history it is written in stone. Therefore you either pass the requirements or not. I am going to see whether I can continue the process seen as I wasn't diagnosed with asthma. I was foolish not to go and consult my GP before I filled the form out and have paid the price with all this hassle.