Help needed(28th sig reg)


can any one help if poss,
i am making a box frame with all my late fathers signal bits in cap badge buttons etc,i need to find out if the R signals wear on there two dress a shoulder badge with" Royal Signals" on it and if so what colour etc,i ve looked in my local millitra shop but with no luck,also would a lanyard be worn and what colour.
He served in 28th signal reg 1966 to 1970, do they still excist ?
many thanks in advance


We dont wear a Royal Signals Badge on our no 2s these days, but he may of in the 60/70s. If your father was a SNCO he would have worn a "jimmy" above his tapes. We also wear a Navy Blue lanyard on the right side. 28 Signal Regiment no longer exists, dont know when it disbanded.

Hope this helps.


28 Sigs was disbanded in 1993 I believe. I used to be in 35 Sigs(V) at the time when they formed part of Northag Signals Support Group and spent some time out at St. Tonis, (late 70s early 80s). 28 Sigs wore the NORTHAG fob with their No2 Dress at that time IIRC. The fob was tan coloured leather with a blue enamelled shield and a golden axe. It was worn on the left breast pocket. A cloth version was often worn on the left sleeve of combat kit. I'll dig through my stuff and see if I can find any photos. I'm sure I gave my fob away when I left the TA otherwise you could have it.

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28 Sigs became 280 Signal Squadron at St Tonis. It moved in 2000 to RAF Bruggen or Elmpt as it is now called and became 628 Signal Troop.
If you have a Forage Cap (Tw@t hat) Remember that Jimmy kicks the football.


Hope this helps - piccy of the fran (Franciscan) axe with 2 sqn T-shirt and the fantastically designed sqn cravats (what a fkucing shyte idea that was) circa 1982 - will see if i have a fran axe badge but its a long shot, if i find it i will PM you and forward it on. . .

For those in the know - who shat on the 2 Squadron pig on summer camp, sure it was grog but time has erased that charming image . . . Remember SSM C doing his nut BIG time :D


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