HELP! Need Student Nurse Information EXPIRED

Don't get too excited, blokes are allowed to be nurses these days.
I know. Just that half of the lot on here are waiting for a bus load of them to turn up.Since the late 60s...
Go easy on me, it's my first post ;)

Since the Army website has changed, the information about becoming a student nurse has become vague. I've searched around on the British Army website and Google as well as all the threads on ARRSE and the Student Room, but they don't really answer my questions and are mostly from 2003.

I know QARANC recruit four times a year, which months are they?

Does a student nurse application take six or nine months on avarage? Or less?

Is the medical done separately from student nurse selection?

Is it still as competitive to become a student nurse as it used to be in the past? You know... When nurses weren't as low in numbers as they are now.

I already have a place at Birmingham City for adult nursing. Will the army let me use this place when becoming a student nurse? Or, will they disregard my place and make me get a place (again) through the Army application process?

Nursing bursary or student nurse?

Thanks :)

Unfortunately, most of us are old gits and can't answer your questions!

If you want my advice, go to Birmingham City, get your training and qualifications (which you will always have) and then go for the reserve to see if you like it.

Best of luck, you can never have enough nurses.


War Hero
As someone mentioned earlier, Go to any garrison, walk around listening for the sound of easy listening music and gentle conversation coming from any mess,, position yourself outside and await the imminent arrival of a bus carrying a load of nurses and ask them then, watch out though they may run you down in their quest to get drunk and have sex with every man in the place, apart from the two that will put on a floor show just for your entertainment. Allegedly

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