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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by jimnicebutdim, Apr 20, 2006.

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  1. I'm a RAF Int Analyst looking at posting to Rheindahlen with the MI unit there. Unfortunatly no-one here seems to know anything about the job, whats it doing, what the section is actually called....any help would be gratefully recieved
  2. Wow must be secret or something :wink:
  3. or you could be a jouno scum
  4. Sorry - It's need To know, and until you need to know, you don't need to know. When you need to know, you'll know.

    I'm sure though, that when you get there you'll get a briefing. And it will be classified. And you'll still be none the wiser! And it'll be a glorified Clerks job anyway.
  5. First of all why would Journo scum be interested in Rheindahlen, plus I've posted a lot. I'm trying to find out what the job is before i volunteer
  6. What type of (single source only because you're RAF) Int Analyst are you?
  7. Mate, if you're an Int Analyst use your finely honed skills to:

    1. Find the phonebook
    2. Find the number for the unit
    3. Ring them
    4. Ask away

    They won't bite - unless you ask some really bone questions.

    Mind you, as a highly trained analyst (how long is that course nowadays ?) you should also have worked out that you are unlikely to find sensible answers on the detailed role of Int units on the internet.
  8. RAF Int ??? That has got to be a worse oxymoron (speeling) than Mil Int!!!
  9. I repeat OIS's question.. There are only one type of job.. (well actually 2 now, but one of them's not Int) that you can do at the MI unit there. If your trade fits then you can go.. if not, you cant!
  10. Why don't you ask your RAF Colleague Adastra.....He seems to know alot about the Int Corps and supposedly what we do or should be doing!!!!! 8)
  11. Rather some might say he professes to know something about the Defence Intelligence Community, in which the Intelligence Corps plays a part. Whereas others are convinced they know significantly more, from the dizzying heights of their jade green spires
  12. They're cypress green.. :p

    Oh how the air is crisp up here.. crisp!
  13. and don't forget our ivory towers!!
  14. jimnicebutdim

    Please check yr PMs

    ( Can't believe you are in a hotel that does not have Wi-Fi access)