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Want to be a firefighter in canada. have been in army for 4 years. wanna move htere asap, going to immigrate but juts wondering if anyone has done the same and if they could give me a way of contacting that person. or just some general advice into trying to be a firefighter over there?


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Be prepared to spend upwards of $20000 on your NFPA 1001 training, testing and application, this is all before you are even given an interview. Most departments expect you to be fully trained before they hire you. This is of course after you have emigrated, and gained permanent residence.

Most hirings are for 6-12 spots that year, depending on what city you are applying at. They will have 1000+ applicants, so you have a long way to go.

Before anyone says I am talking out my arrse my step-brother is a firefighter.

Check out Fire etc. training for course details.
You'll need residency before you can apply, go for a job on the rigs or you (as a british citizen) can join a military unit...cant remember name but it might be a reservist type time you'll be allowed to join regs, then gain citizenship then go for the job you want.

I think the United States of canadia are still after tradesmen, if you've got a skill then there might be a way in

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