HELP! Need advice on dating a man in the Army!!

:oops: Ok, so I have met this cute man that’s in the army, the problem is I’m a little naive when it comes to men... What sure I do to win him over? Is there anything you guys like best???
Tromboning is the way ahead. If not standard Anal. How about inviting one of your (female) mates around for a threesome?
Bacon butties in the morning.
oral and anal, both with you in stockings.
Hope that helps
They like to play away from home, drink loads, never moan when they're late, doesnt turn up or call for days even weeks on end. You have got to be treated like shoite and enjoy it and if he suggests a spit roast don't go fishing all your BBQ stuff out of the shed.

If you really wanna keep him try letting him kick your back doors in
doomandgloom said:
LMPP you're a fake. Now bore off.
is it flashy or wingnut? :?
You may wish to try the RearParty site, as many of use are women and many of them have b'friends/husbands in the army/forces, so may be able to give you some tips about what they do to keeps their other half happy!!

RearParty Site


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Make sure you have full drop curtains in your bedroom as they will be the sure way to his heart.

No, no need to thank me
Little_Miss_Pink_Pants said:
Morty said:
I'd love to meet a girl who says advice is when people on an internet forum tell her to let her bloke shag her arrse.
well it takes all sorts!!! but i do think you have just put me off the idea!!
I wasn't being sarcastic. I think you're resourceful and obviously eager to please the lucky fella. Someone once told me the only stupid question si the one you don't ask. I've asked some pretty dumb questions in the past.
I'm a b*stard but i'm not a fecking b*stard.
Little_Miss_Pink_Pants said:
doomandgloom said:
LMPP, are you the same mong-bloke pretending to be Roberta 'low rent' Winterton? She came across as sexy as a piece of wood.
No i'm NOT!!!!! i was just looking for some advice... dont think i'll bother again!
Does that mean you're gonna' fcuk off now then?

Advice you want? Don't trust a man especially if he's a squaddie. He's more excuses than most to be able to run you around. Officer or not he'll be shagging behind your back sooner than you can say 'nice quarter'. Don't you lot have 'female intuition' or some such radar capability? How old are you?

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