Help! Naval Antiques Appraisals?

Hello guys
any of you is versed on Pre WW2 nautical instruments (sextants, heliometers, etc)? A friend of mine, a Retd. Argie Navy Captain, is clearing his "vault", and woud like to know whether some whether of the "crap" he got in his 38 yrs of loyal service is worth anything, since the Retd. pay is crap over here. Since he´s not really wealthy, I´m looking for a free appraisal service. Got digital piccies of the items as well.
He also found some french WW1 medals (procedence inknown), but those had been appraised for free at Vicmart.
Please PM me if you're in the know, or know someone who is
Cheers and thanks in advance


Antique is about the only place you can still get decent Naval barometers! Cheers EU, not many people have died from the mercury within but you saw fit to ban it! W@NKERS!
Thanks gys for the replies. Will try those sites.

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