Help! My neighbours are running a drug den

Some advice please.

It seems that our new neighbours in the ground floor flat have a little business going on selling drugs and spending the money on prossies. I don’t think its class A drugs – probably just cannabis or a few E’s but I could be wrong.

I know some people may think that this is a good thing but my other half does not and we would like to be rid of them.

We think we have a drug den because every day the flat in question has a dozen or more visitors who just arrive, stay for 5 mins and depart. They don’t appear to carry anything in nor out. To gain entrance they stand outside phone the people inside and then get let in. Often they check their wallets as they wait. Some people have waited for over half an hour when the druggies have been away. Also the OH says she has smelled weed when walking by the flat in question and seen a customer rolling a joint in his car.

We are worried about increased crime, violence blighting our home and not being able to sell our property in the already difficult housing market.

I want to go and talk to the police about this but the OH comes from overseas and is inclined to be very suspicious of coppers and is worried about being victimised if we get discovered. My concern is they will just get a slapped wrist and remain as residents with a vendetta against us or the neighbourhood as a whole.

I seems they are dealing in small amounts of cannabis. I have seen no evidence of knives or firearms. How interested will the police be in this?
Cannabis is still class C until the end of the year I believe and we are not familiar with the law in this area so we are not sure what the police will do about this.

If the police do find they are dealing will the dealers be guaranteed prison sentences or at least evicted from the flat?

Some good, serious advice would be greatly appreciated.
Set up a protection racket.

Take loads of covert pics of the ppl coming and going and log times for a while then visit plod who will probably set up an op.

If you can smell weed, I would check your elec meter in case they have a cannabis factory and have tapped your supply.
Its not my first post but I lost the p/w for the other account and the email address is no longer accessible.
The clue is in the name!
Assuming you are completely legit, how about shopping them to the council for council tax and planning permission violations (running a small business from a domestic dwelling), the inland revenue for small business tax, report seeing firearms on the premises etc. Remember it was the IRS who got Al Capone.
This is a legit question. We have been logging car registration numbers for a few days now but a fair few of the customers are on foot.
If they are council or housing association tennants report them to the Anti-Social behaviour Tennancy Inforcement team or local equivalent. The town hall general enquiries desk should have the correct number, or the rozzers non-emergency number or crimestoppers
You could give crime stoppers a call on 0800 555 111 its anonymous so they wont hasle you or your missus.


edit, if they are smoking it outside or you can smell it again call the police on 101, its like 999 but for this sort of stuff, ie non-emergency. if its in your area.
or a little chat with your local safer neighbourhood team may pay dividends, they love this kind of thing.

looks like quite a good job to me and there are many ways of keeping you anonymous.

We had a similar problem once. I'm pretty easy going and if they'd kept it to themselves I wouldn't have bothered. However, they pushed things too far. Way too far!

Easy answer is just tell plod. If you've got their names even better. In my case The bod in question was well known to police here which helped. Took quite a bit of badgering on my part but I think they eventually did him. Basically, in private accommodation if they can't pay the rent they'll be out. If their punters think they are being watched by the police they'll buy elsewhere. The situation then resolves itself. Did here anyway.
This is your best bet.

Disengage Blue leader, unless you are Covert Ops trained, you are in dire danger of attracting at best a brick through your window, at worst...

Further, you are rapidly becoming a witness, and therefore the rozzers will want to use you in court as such. Whilst there are measures which can be used (anonymity, screens etc) these are not always guaranteed. You will not attract star quality witness protection, so let the coppers do the work. Make an anonymous complaint and then retire from the blue touch paper. if nothing happens, review your options. These people maybe small-time, but who do they buy from?

Fairplay for standing up to the scum, after all 'for evil to succeed, all it takes is for good men to do nothing'...
marco_poloroid, I have not yet received your PM.

I will stop the surveillance and will check the crimestoppers website.

Thanks for the help!
Taffnp said:
Take loads of covert pics of the ppl coming and going and log times for a while then visit plod who will probably set up an op.

If you can smell weed, I would check your elec meter in case they have a cannabis factory and have tapped your supply.
Don't do any of this! It doesn't pay to be an amatuer James Bond. If you get seen taking snaps and snooping you'll be marked and consequences could be dire for you and your family, seriously dire. You don't know who they are or their connections and while you may feel bravado with the moral higher ground think twice before your next step.

IMHO you have a public duty to shop these scum chavs (sorry Fabian society), I repeat CHAV scumbags, but only if you are 100% certain you can remain anonymous, they are your neighbours, re read above paragraph. Phone the Bill and leave it at that.
Invite them into your house late at night and knife the fook out of them all, say they were robbing you.

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