HELP!! My boobs just won't stop growing!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sallyanne09, Feb 13, 2012.

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  1. They'll appear smaller if she stood with her arms down by her side. Horizontal stripes don't help either. I take it she's "too scared to have breast-reduction" because of the effect it'll have on her earning-potential, rather than the trauma of surgery? Or am I just being cynical?
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  2. Dirty attention seeking whore
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  3. Of course not, have you seen how many pages the tart has and she's complaining about it, fuck me, she must be coining it in.
  4. Which just reinforces "Claire's Law of Publicity" - doesn't matter what you do; just get your face in front of the punters.
  5. OK

    I'll say it first.

    It's not her face the punters wanna see.........................
  6. I can see why her 18 year older boyfriend is hanging around and it isn't just because she has huge cans
  7. But will he still be there in 20 years time to rub cream into her stretch-marks?
  8. At 38 he probably won't be able to produce enough cream to do the job.
  9. He's 42 now, Mark ;-)
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  10. He probably won't be there once (if) she get the boob job (maybe) as the cash'll dry up quicker than a nun's clunge.
  11. Mind, they're a fair old size jeesus.jpg jeeesus 2.jpg
  12. The east tit's the least bit the best of the west tit.
  13. I personally know three women who have had reduction surgery and all three were very pleased with the finished product. No more shoulder trenches from bra straps, no more lower back pain trying to stand upright and being able for the first time in many years to jog and play tennis. Far fewer leering DOM. They experience no loss in nipple stimulation and could breastfeed.