Help - My black boots are turning white!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by flamingo, May 18, 2007.

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  1. This is not about Michael Jackson! - (Fill in your own punch-line)

    I have a pair of Magnum Protec (Steel Toe Cap) for about two months. They are worn about 10-12 hours daily, 4-5 days a week. Over the past few weeks, they keep getting white patches on them around the front after 4+ hours wear. They are polished (although not bulled - not necessary for current job) every night with parade gloss.

    I understand this is due to sweat salts from the feet, but I have never had this problem with any other boots in the past.

    Any ideas how I can stop this happening? :?

    Thanks! :D
  2. i used to get it with issue boots - i could only rub it off with damp cloth and then polish.

    it only happened to me while it was hot, and my feet sweat - but it may also just be that your boots are new and the leather is releasing compounds with your sweat ... hopefully it will polish out and then soon stop
  3. Cheers for that! :D I'll hope for the best.
  4. If you amputate your feet, the problem will no longer occur.

    I had the same problem with a pair of Magnum Elite's, tried all the usual remidies none worked contacted Hi-Tec they were unable to help, so i dumped them and got a pair of Magnum Response boots, problem solved!
  5. Wash off the salt crystals with a damp sponge, give your shoes a good penetrating brush polish using K1w1. (has beeswax in it unlike cherry which uses silicones) If you can get hold off a waterproofing product like snoseal my personal favourite this will protect your boots from a lot of stuff including salt. There are some that suggest filling your boots with water and leaving them for about 4 hours then dry them and apply waterproofing but I have never tried that so cannot recommend it. :D
  6. Yea, but I have to wear steel toe-caps, and I hate to dump a pair of £70 boots after only two months! :(
  7. I'll try that over the weekend. Good point about the wax, I've just remembered I havn't been using Kiwi parade gloss the past month. I'll try the water filling overnight , I don't need them until Monday, which will give them a chance to dry out - I just hope the toe-caps don't rust! :D
  8. In steel toe footware your feet will sweat much more as the toe area can't cool through the steel, as there is also a reduced area for the moisture to escape (as it can't get through the steel) you will find that your feet are more sweaty, this moisture has to find a way out, hence the white marks. Don't worry about you steel toes caps rusting, they already are, that moisture in your feet has already started the process!
  9. Yea, that makes sense! I'm currently soaking them full of water, I'll empty them out and dry them outside (not in the sun), and see what happens over the next week.

    Tune in Saturday for the next thrilling installment! (I really need to get out more :D )
  10. Wear the type of walking socks designed to wick moisture out?

    Second pair of boots is always worth having if you have a moist foot problem so you get more drying time by wearing a given set on alternate days
  11. white patches on boots...often caused from sweat (salt)
  12. I usually wear a "sports sock". Second pair might be an idea, ! havn't got the £70 back out of the company for the first pair yet, but when I do I might consider that. Thanks :D

  13. For the sake of completness, the follow up

    I filled the boots with water and soaked them (and insoles - seperately) for 4 hours in water, then gave them 36 hours days to dry (out in the open air, no sunshine). Then gave them a good brush polish with Kiwi.

    Leather is much softer, and no re-appearence of the white marks yet a few weeks on, this seems to have worked so far. Thanks :D
  14. an excellent product is renapur, which restores colour, reproofs, softens, contains beeswax and also smells nice. i've been using it for about 5yrs now,and have had no more salty tide marks. try it ,i can wholeheartedly recommend it
  15. Yeah flash to bang mate.